Record Home Upkeep – 3 Large Considerations — Part 1

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Okay, this may be the season you ought to be thinking regarding sealing in the outside of the log home to maintain things cozy for that winter. Here tend to be three large differences involving the log home and also the neighbors’ siding-clad whitened and beige houses stretching outside (besides the truth that your record home has a lot more character! )#). The exterior of the log home must be protected in the elements, through air transmission, and through insect pests. With just a little work, these problems won’t get free from hand. In the following paragraphs, let’s tackle our very first point of having a high quality exterior quality finish about the wood in order to repel water and appear great.


Concern #1: The conclusion

There tend to be many companies that provide exterior finishes they claim happen to be engineered especially for log houses. Beware careful when choosing an outside finish. Some unsightly stains and sealers aren’t sufficient with regard to protecting your own logs through water, blowing wind, and Ultra violet rays, and they might wear off quickly (within a couple of years). After staining your whole log house, the very last thing you will want to have to complete is start the procedure all more than within 2 or 3 years! There tend to be products that prosper, getting a person about 5 or even 6 many years between jackets. Of program, the sides of your property that tend to be more exposed in order to wind, generating water, and sunlight may require attention earlier than the much more protected attributes.

Some record home complete products could make your home look filthy and faded, especially finishes that not solidify beyond the sticky, unattractive finish. Due to the tacky complete, wind-blown dirt and dirt stay with the complete and soon you will have a filthy bunch of firelogs. That can make periodic reapplication from the finish a lot more difficult due to the extra effort required to make the actual logs appear presentable prior to glopping much more goop more than them. Manufacturers of those finishes claim these products have ‘more solids put into them’ to assist in drinking water repellency, but a number of them still have a problem shedding drinking water after period.

I possess tried several different items and in my opinion, I ‘m most pleased with Sikkens Cetol Record and Siding complete. It hardens to some slightly polished sheen as well as allows the wonder of the actual wood to exhibit through completely, and includes a few various tints open to lighten or even darken the actual logs for your liking. I’ve simply applied the product recently and I’m happy with this, in comparison towards the finishes I became popular before while using Sikkens. Oh yea, by the way in which, don’t obtain discouraged should you aren’t pleased with a complete you’ve currently applied and you need to try different things. There’s an item call Stripex-L which will remove your own old complete easily as well as cleanly. I colored it upon and do some gentle scrubbing (absolutely nothing seriously muscle mass aching) and also the old complete rinsed quickly with drinking water, making method for two excellent looking jackets of Sikkens obvious coat.

Therefore, your preferences and mileage can vary. This post identifies my very own experiences, along with other people might have excellent good fortune with items I’ve eliminated. Feel liberated to try your personal. A excellent tactic is by using a scrap bit of log that was left over out of your construction to try your end result. Oh, talking about which, for those who have a home built through solid firelogs down reduced and slim log siding within the gable finishes, be conscious that surface finishes may affect the various surfaces in a different way, causing a few color mismatches. Once again, the Sikkens Cetol We used didn’t have this issue, whereas another products We tried do.

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